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Labour Law & HR Management - Expats Services

Due to globalisation, corporations & organisations are reviewing their HR strategies and their work organisation. There are a few issues such as the legal and legislative regulations of work for local and international staff, as well as social, cultural and sometimes political influences that need to be taken into consideration. 


We provide advice on labour law in North Africa and the Middle East and support you in the drafting of employment agreements or the acquisition of work permits. Moreover, we help you set up General Terms and Conditions Acts, statutes or assist you in the management of your personnel and improve your company’s process management efficiency. For legal assistance we cooperate with a range of lawyers and law firms in several countries.


As we know that each company has specific needs, budgets and objectives, each of our projects will start with a phase of analysis in which we will detect the needs and capacities of the project’s partners, thus facilitating the creation of tailored and functional solutions for our clients. 


We do apply international management standards, including all cultural, economic and individual aspects for our human resources expertise.


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