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Customs & Logistics 

Thanks to our expertise on the judicial context and the regulations of the countries’ tariff laws we are able to facilitate the smooth course of your activities in North Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, we can support you with certifications of conformity and quality as well as with questions of labelling and shipment of your goods.

We offer our advice in questions of customs, local difficulties, latencies and demurrage as well as tariffs. In the event of complications with local custom authorities we can cooperate with our partners and give legal advice and assistance.
We design tailored logistics strategies that include respective national tariff laws, shipment regulations, latencies and demurrage and particularities to take into consideration when working together with the local authorities. This is our way to avoid and prevent unpleasant surprises. 

Payment & Banking Solutions 

In order to carry-out business in North Africa and the Middle East it is indispensable to have a precise knowledge of the banking sector and common methods of payment. We take care of the modalities needed to open an account for a foreign corporation.
We give extensive advice around monetary transactions and the safest and simplest modes for each country. Furthermore we give advice on the best practice with letters of credit, documents against acceptance or transfer payment. Moreover, we subject contractual partners to solvency checks and clear country specific modalities. In the event of cash-flow issues we seek the best and quickest solutions. For the case of discrepancies with partners or banks we support you through mediation or debt collection.


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