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Establishment of Corporations & Affiliates

The markets in North Africa and the Middle East offer great and often misprized potentials for foreign corporations thanks to the strong growth, the political transformations and last but not least due to the richness in natural resources. We help you identify these potentials and develop promising business models. To know the markets and their stakeholders, as well as to understand the political, economic, societal and legal influences and frameworks, is a vital asset. This is where we bring in our expertise.


Should you want to establish a new enterprise or a branch office in a country in North Africa or the Middle East, you will need to consider a variety of legal regulations and administrative steps. In Algeria, e.g., you will have to follow the 49/51% rule, requiring an Algerian national to be involved with 51% in a newly founded corporation or affiliate. We help you ensure a smooth course of the foundation and stand by your side throughout the entire process thus the successful implementation of law is achieved and the right partner is found. As for the 49/51% rule, we offer the possibility of a cooperation in the form of a joint venture. Moreover, we provide advice on business and strategy plans.


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